The business landscape in Ghana, much like the global context now, has become competitive on many levels and for a business to succeed there is no room to accommodate the "business as usual" mentality. Particularly Small-Medium Enterprise (SMEs) but also for corporate organizations alike, it is imperative that they improve business processes in response to the market demands.

In order to gain a competitive edge and remain relevant in today's dynamic market organizations must adapt to the varying conditions in the most cost-effective way.

RONTEC Enterprise is leading with a difference, providing it unique suite of solutions in refrigeration parts and components.

RONTEC Enterprise, Simply outstanding!


RONTEC Enterprise has as its Objects of business, the Sale and Distribution of Electric Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning parts and components.

RONTEC Enterprise is a sole proprietorship with the outstanding of corporate business. It was established and began operations in 1998 as a business enterprise with a core focus on the supply and distribution of air-condition part and components. The Business Enterprise began with a distribution base in Kaneshie in Accra and immediately developed the reputation as a distributor and supplier of Quality Genuine Parts.

With a small team RONTEC Enterprise worked tirelessly to dominate the market and in 2005 it expanded its operations with an additional sales point in Asylum Down to penetrate the wider customer base in the Eastern parts of Accra. The expansion program and positioning of the business necessitated the implementation of structures that would see the business grow, and ensure the sustainability of the aggressive growth plans.

Today, Rontec Enterprise is a market leader and continues to provide the highest quality and genuine products affordably and in a sustainable manner.


The vision of Rontec Enterprise is to be the leading supplier of high quality air-conditioners and refrigerator parts and components, and to establish a sustainable customer base in Ghana, Togo and Cote d'Ivoire.

Innovation, Professionalism and customer delight will be the hall mark.


The mission of Rontec Enterprise is to support the vision by growing the business around a competent and experienced team, focused on efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Rontec Enterprise will deploy its highly trained and skilled technicians and motivated team to support its sales.


Rontec Enterprise is continuing to build its client base locally and internationally and has recently chalked successes with premier clients.

Dealers in the following vehicle A/C Parts:

Rontec Enterprise continues to grow its client base with generating additional sales leads through referrals and recommendations. The suite of solutions of products and components available from Rontec Enterprise has developed a business strategy that is designed to achieve its vision of being a provider of quality genuine parts and components sourced from specially selected Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and international distributors.

Rontec Enterprise has as part of its strategy to develop its human resource capacity and competence.

Rontec Enterprise has recognized that its business can be better delivered through its well trained personnel and external resources properly organized and co-ordinate towards mutually beneficial goals, independent and inter-dependent on each other and operating exclusively to achieve predefined agreed goals and targets.